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Incremental vs Differential

Posted: 26 Dec 2009, 12:25
by timmer
I am setting up a copy operation to copy a directory of files to a networked backup location.

I just want to copy anything that's changed rather than copying all files each time it runs.

Can you explain the difference between the incremental option and the differential option?


Re: Incremental vs Differential

Posted: 28 Dec 2009, 10:00
by support
If you want to copy files into one folder you can use "Syncronize" mode in APBackup. When you use Incremental or differencila mode you need two tasks one with "Full" mode and one with "Incremental/differencial" mode. For example Full backup runs once per month and Incremental/differencial once per day.
If you use Incremental mode then for restore you need Full backup and ALL incremental backups since this full backup. If you use Differencial mode you need FULL backup and THE LAST differencial archive.

Re: Incremental vs Differential

Posted: 28 Dec 2009, 18:43
by timmer
What I am looking to do is to have an exact duplicate of my source folder on another network computer so I always have an exact backup.

I want this program to run daily and only copy any changed or new files to the destination folder. I can't do a full backup every day as there are over 100,000 files in the source directory.

I don't ever want to make any changes to the source directory (archive bit changes are ok though).

How would I setup APBackup to accomplish this?


Re: Incremental vs Differential

Posted: 29 Dec 2009, 06:52
by support
In this case you can configure the task with Incremental mode. Create the task and for first start select "Full backup" mode to create first full backup copy. Then change mode to incremental in this task and from this point the task will copy only new and changed files into destination archive folder.

Re: Incremental vs Differential

Posted: 13 Apr 2010, 06:36
by blofblof
I've the same problem.
Can you tell me where i can change the mode, to incremental.
I can't found this option.
Thanks for your advice.

Re: Incremental vs Differential

Posted: 13 Apr 2010, 08:31
by support

Here is a screenshot you should set "Kind of backup": ... ration.htm