Incremental & Differential backup

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Incremental & Differential backup

Postby leamphil » 09 Nov 2006, 09:54

V2.1.2160: What is the difference between Incremental & Differential backups ?

In an earlier post I saw advice to set flags on "Source files" panel:
- Include only if "Archive" attribute is set
- Clear "Archive" attribute

I cannot see these options, can someone please point me at them.


AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Postby support » 09 Nov 2006, 14:45

Incremental and Differential backup is new terms for these flags

+Include only if "Archive" attribute is set
+Clear "Archive" attribute

+Include only if "Archive" attribute is set
-Clear "Archive" attribute

Full backup=
-Include only if "Archive" attribute is set
+Clear "Archive" attribute

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Relying on Archiveattribute seems lame...

Postby midnightowl » 12 Jul 2007, 23:16

Surely the program should compare each file date and backup accordingly?

Differential ought to delete files that have been deleted and Incremental ought to work for multiple back up locations...

At the moment if you backup to 2 separate HDD's then the one will do an Incremental Backup but because it clears the Archive attribute it won't work with the second backup...! :x

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