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Copy Files unexpected error

Posted: 04 Dec 2007, 19:49
by tonyk
I am a new user of APBackup version 2.8. I have ran my first backup task which has yeilded the error message below. Since I am new to this software I am unsure of where to start to trouble shoot this issue. I have no idea what the message is telling me.

Can someone explain this message and the steps needed to troubleshoot this issue?

12.4.2007 1:01:41 PM:[1006][E] Unexpected error. Either source or archive folders are invalid[Can not create destination file: [EID:5:]"\\Homepc1\backup\21435data\BS\Management\ddd-bs_management20071204_13-01\Management\cancellationtoRTW.doc" Attr:[128] (Last processed file: "Creating folder is completed: \\Homepc1\backup\21435data\BS\Management\ddd-bs_management20071204_13-01\Management" Next file to process: "C:\Management\cancellationtoRTW.docFinal [1]Final [2]Final [3]")]

Posted: 05 Dec 2007, 09:34
by support

EID 5 means "ACCESS DENIED". Try to check rights for user to create files in the destination folder.