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save2ftp wont close session

Posted: 12 Aug 2008, 12:22
by pushrod
save2ftp wont close session. It transfers the file which is about 2 gigs to a remote location but on save2ftp it wont stop or complete the task which is important because i need it to send me an email saying that it finished.

How can i get it to close the session and complete the task?

Posted: 12 Aug 2008, 17:35
by support
Try to use passive mode. It can be a firewall problem

Posted: 12 Aug 2008, 20:08
by pushrod
It's already in passive mode. What else can i do?

Posted: 14 Aug 2008, 19:57
by pushrod

Posted: 15 Aug 2008, 06:10
by support
Could you check your firewall and ftp logs?
When Save2ftp ulpoads file it sends LIST command and waits the answer.
But in this case I think the answer is blocked by firewall so you should check your firewall logs and find this issue.