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Evaluation questions

Posted: 19 Jun 2011, 21:39
by arm

I`m evaluating ApBackup but results are completely suck. Maybe you will give some answers to fix it.

1. I`ve created simple mirror task. HOW can I tell your program to store source subfolders in separate destination folders (as they stored in source folders) BUT don`t add parent folders? All I can do is either recreate all path which adds all parent folders to the destination what I don`t want OR if I uncheck store full path it isn`t create subfolders but copy all files and subfolder`s folders into the root destination folder. :shock:

2. I have a huge (100Gb) folder to backup with thousand folders/files. In some cases (mostly when run this task manually then pause then resume) it shows in log that it didn`t found a file/folder in source path and remove it in destination. BUT after task finishing the destination folder is empty!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: Thanks God that this`s a test folder. Can I somehow control deletion of the destination files? It is very serious operation to do it without any control by user!

Re: Evaluation questions

Posted: 20 Jun 2011, 14:15
by support

1. If you check the "store full source path" option APBackup creates a folders structure as a copy of the source structure starting from the source drive root. If you uncheck this option APBackup stores folders structure starting from the source folder. Could you describe an example of destination folders structure which you need to create?

2. Could you send APBackup.log file with this issue to

Re: Evaluation questions

Posted: 06 Nov 2013, 11:56
by karenlucy
I figured it out. After choosing the photo and clicking "Add" and checking the "Stamp Photo" box, left click "Start" in the lower left corner. I'm then able to save in the folder of my choice and upload to social media and my Shutterfly account w/the date on the photo.