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APFill batch

Posted: 01 May 2009, 12:49
by Tom_B
I need to run APFill coverage on numerous files in a folder. What is the best way to do it?

If I command lined each file separately, does APFill run each file in sequence or does it run them concurrently?

Posted: 01 May 2009, 21:09
by support
You can use for example command FOR in command line or in .bat file

Here is an example (start it from C:\program files\apfill\)

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FOR %I IN ("C:\PDFfolder\*.pdf") DO APFill.exe "%I"
If you use it in a .bat file you should replace % with %%

This command will satrt APFill with each PDF file from c:\PDFFolder
and wait while it calculates coverage.

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APFill.exe <PDFfile>
is a short auto command for apfill it will
calculate coverage and store results in <PDFFile>.COVERAGE.TXT file