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varying page density

Posted: 31 Aug 2005, 15:30
by stenslandj
My question is on calculating page coverage in a Word or PDF document.

When my screen size (zoom) is set to 50% (so I can see the entire document) and I use the Coverage Area (screen) method and fit to page; the coverage is 6.35%. Now when I change the screen size to 25%, page coverage is 10.92%.

The same is true in PDF files.

Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: 31 Aug 2005, 19:10
by support
The difference is in how Word and other editors show letters on preview. You can use ZOOM menu item in APFill to increse a part of the document and you see that letters on screen have smoothed edges. So the smaller size - the more error in the coverage estimation. To get accurate results you should fit page to whole screen (in screen measuring mode) or just use PS file to estimate coverage.