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Remove date stamp

Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 02:25
by hotrod2868
I added the time stamp to photos I was going to share and decided that I wanted to remove it since the pictures look better without the stamp. All the photos were saved and I guess replaced with the time stamp within that folder. How do I remove the time stamp? Please help.

Re: Remove date stamp

Posted: 13 Jun 2015, 00:59
by sfpaulo
Can some one explain to me how to remove a date stamp.

Re: Remove date stamp

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 08:24
by Jelly59
I'd like to know the answer to this question too.

Please can anyone help us?

Re: Remove date stamp

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 08:50
by support

TimeToPhoto doesn't change original photos it makes stamped copies in the folder user selects after clicking the START button.
You can't remove stamps from stamped photos. You should use original photos.