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UID/PW for network resources.

Posted: 11 Dec 2009, 16:30
by microquest

Running APBackup version 3.5.5411 on a server2003 box connected to a domain. We just changed over what we use to backup. Now using a Western Digital Sharespace NAS. We do not have it connected to the domain. The UID/PW we have setup on the sharespace is the same as one of the admin accounts on the domain. I have the setting in the Advanced to match the UID/PW to access network resources. The problem is it doesn't seem to be working. When I login to the server as that user and stay logged in, in this case with Remote Desktop and just disconnect or stay connected, the APBackup will back up perfectly as long as it is in the taskbar. However, if I logout of the server with APBackup, the backup fails. I get "Failed to connect to \\wd-nas\mqbackup . Please make sure that user name and password are correct" Well, I have, and it is. I know that AP runs as a Service, and the past backups I did have to give Service FC to the backup folder to make it work, but I cannot do that with this NAS. So, my question is, is there a bug in what APBAckup sees for a username and password to access network resources on this version?

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