source/archive invalid not enough room to write archive EID:

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source/archive invalid not enough room to write archive EID:

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Trying to do a full BU with the copy files mode and get the invalid error which then stops the BU from doing the rest of its BU job.

12.04.2008 12:30:00 AM:[1001] Task started
12.04.2008 12:30:00 AM:[1001] The archiving will be executed - files for archiving are available
12.04.2008 9:02:16 PM:[1001][E] Unexpected error. Either source or archive folders are invalid[Not enough room to write archive: [EID:64:]"\\Backup1\MQBACKUP\MQS4\Web_FTP\Sat_10412\Inetpub\\QST\BC\BC000769.ZIP" NWD=[0] (Last processed file: "D:\Inetpub\\QST\BC\BC000768.ZIP" Next file to process: "D:\Inetpub\\QST\BC\BC000769.ZIPFinal [1]Final [2]Final [3]")]
12.04.2008 9:02:16 PM:[1001] The task is deactivated

We have over 200GB's left on the HDD that the BU is going to. The files that I am trying to BU in that folder are only 1KB in size and had no problem backing up the previous files named in numerical sequence which are 1KB in size as well.,,, etc. Version that we are using is 3.2.4801. Archive parameters enabled are;
Include subfolders
Store directory structure
Copy NTFS access rights
Store full source path on copy
Skip files with too long destination name
DOS PKZip compatiable.

Why would this just stop all the sudden?
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