New version of TimeToPhoto 3.0

TimeToPhoto 3.0 has been released.

In the new version:

  • New tags added: JPG FILE creation date, JPG FILE modification date, current system date/time.
  • You can now select the color in which to outline the text block. The default is “automatic contract” (used in the old versions): white or black, depending on the color of the primary font in the text block.
  • In certain JPG files (for example, after processing by graphics editors) there may not be a date for the creation of the photograph in the EXIF structure. In this case the program selects the EARLIEST of the file’s creation and modification dates as the date of the photograph’s creation.(Tag: [PHOTO_DATE]).
  • Information about the number of photographs prepared for processing has been added to the status bar.
  • The processing of corrupted JPG files has been fixed.

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