Backing up MS SQL databases using APBackup

Today, we will take a look at some examples of MS SQL database backup automation using APBackup. When a task is started in APBackup , you can launch external applications before and after the actual backup process. Besides, you can configure a task not to back up data at all, but to launch these programs …

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“Silent” installation of APBackup.

To install APBackup in the unattended mode (no user’s actions required), you need to launch the installer with the following parameters: apbackup.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- After that, if you have an APBackup registration key, you can activate the program automatically. Just start the program with the following parameter: c:\program files\apbackup\apbackup.exe QUIETREGISTER XXXXX-XXXXX-…-XXXXX where XXXXX-XXXXX-…-XXXXX is your …

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Using the “date format” to manage the structure of backup archives in APBackup

When saving a backup archive to the primary or additional folder, APBackup can name it according to the current date. To enable this option, use the “Date format” field. This field is a date/time mask and its value is calculated at the time a backup copy is created.