How to back up APBackup settings?

Today, we will look at the process of backing up the program settings of APBackup.

The program saves settings in two files:

arhatsks.bpd – contains task settings
APBackup.ini – contains the parameters configured in the "Main Options" menu

To move APBackup to another computer or restore the program, you will need the program distributive of any version and these two files.

Up to version 3.5, APBackup saved configuration files to the program installation folder. By default, this is C:\Program files\apbackup

Starting from version 3.5, APBackup saves data to the same files, but in the common “All Users” folder:

C:\Document and settings\All users\Application data\APBackup

To start the program “the old way” (using the settings from the APBackup installation folder), start the program with the following parameter

APBackup.exe localcfg

In this case, you will also need to add a parameter to the program’s registry key:

AppParameters="service localcfg"

You can create an APBackup task that will back up its own configuration files. That’s where you may want to use environment variables to specify the backup source in the task settings, for instance:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\APBakup*.*

You can also use this method to configure APBackup on one computer using environment variables (%USERPROFILE%, %SystemDrive%, %SystemRoot%, %ProgramFiles%,:) and then copy ArhTasks.bpd to all workstations where APBackup is installed.

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