New version of APBackup 3.8

A new version of APBackup 3.8 has been released:

In this version:

– Monitoring mode has been added. USB disk connections/disconnections are now handled. Monitoring start/end on disk replacement is recorded in the event log.

– Correct handling of computer wakeup from sleep when starting scheduled tasks. The task will start in accordance with the Schedule>Advanced>If unexecuted task is detected on load option.

– Mail can be sent via SSL.

APBackup email ssl

– By default, the service is installed in silent mode for compatibility with Windows 2008 and Windows 7.

– Program hangs when showing the notification window before task performance have been resolved.

– A new option, “Write to log task’s execution progress each % done”, has been added to the Performance tab.

APBackup performance log

– Copying to FTP servers has been improved.