New version of APFill 5.3

We released a new version of APFill 5.3, an ink and toner coverage calculation tool.

In this version:

– Improved compatibility
– The program now supports GhostScript 8.70 libraries for processing of PDF and PS/EPS files. Other versions of Ghost Script libraries supported by the program: 8.61 (we recommend this version as the fastest one), 8.62, 8.63, 8.64.
– New parameters have been added to the automatic mode.
Some details:
APFill can be started in the automatic mode where a PDF/PS file is sent to the input and a text CSV file with an ink coverage table is generated for it.

The following parameters can be used in this mode

apfill.exe coverage -r300 -dA4 -show -noprogress c:\input.pdf

Description of parameters:
-r300 – 300 dpi resolution
-dA4 – the default page size is A4. This parameter will have effect only if the page size is not explicitly specified in the document.
-show – show the results table after calculation.
-noprogress – do not show the calculation progress on the screen.
-Histogram – the program will additionally calculate an intensity table with a step of 10% for each page

You can also start APFill without the COVERAGE parameter. In this case, you don’t need to set the output file name – it will be created automatically and will be based on the name of the input file.

apfill.exe -r300 c:\input.pdf
apfill.exe c:\input.pdf
In this case, the program will save the results to c:\input.pdf.COVERAGE.txt.

Version 5.3 also supports a new “RGB” format for calculating RGB ink coverage in the automatic mode.

APFill.exe RGB -r300 "c:\Comcostat.pdf"
In this case, you get RGB/GRAY coverage results.
APFill.exe -r300 "c:\Comcostat.pdf"
In this case, the program will calculate CMYK coverage.

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