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12 Dec 2016, 08:08
Forum: APFill support
Topic: Q: Error code: -100
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Q: Error code: -100

I keep having a window pop up saying: "Impossible to open an instance of ghostscript. Error code: -100"
This happens on every PDF I try an open. Even on ones I've already opened in the past.
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12 Oct 2016, 14:49
Forum: Universal Desktop Ruler support
Topic: Q: The screen “zooms in”.
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Q: The screen “zooms in”.

When I attempt to input a measuring scale the screen “zooms in”. Can you tell me how to fix this problem. Your quick response is appreciated. I use the software almost daily in my construction business it is a great product.
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11 Oct 2016, 07:01
Forum: TimeToPhoto support
Topic: Q: Original file names
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Q: Original file names

I have purchased this year ago and I love it. I have updated my use of this product but when I put the date on it it does not replace the picture, it adds a second picture with a date. Is there something I should be doing to replace my photo with the same picture except I now have a date on it. I d...