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The new version of APFill 5.9 is available for download.

The new version of Home & Office backup tool - APBackUp 3.9 has been released.

The new version of TimeToPhoto 2.9 has been released.

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"Within our directorate our group is responsible for providing printers to all the other local government services in the county. We wish to implement a print strategy to provide economic and less wasteful printing solutions. One of the strogest arguments we use is the cost per page of printed output. Up till now I have had only the industry standard 5% coverage to comapre against large multi funct..."

Bryan Johnston

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AVPSoft Releases APBackUp 3.3

AVPSoft has released APBackup v. 3.3, a powerful Windows backup application that makes it easy to back up data to a hard drive, network drive, DVD, CD-R/W, FTP/FTPS, or LAN. Unlike complicated software that discourages computer users from backing up their files, APBackup makes it easy to organize your backups, and create them on a regular schedule, automatically...

September 18 2008


Save Memories by Time-Stamping Photos

If you value your memories, if you want to know when and where your pictures were taken after many years, time-stamp your photos automatically with TimeToPhoto...

April 04 2008


Manage Printing Cost by Measuring Ink Coverage

Figure out how much ink you need to print a job. Optimize printing, save on ink and toner, and learn the exact printing cost for every document with APFill Ink Coverage Meter...

April 03 2008


Estimate Print Cost Accurately before Actual Printing ( has announced APFill Ink Coverage Meter 4.2. The specialty of the software lies in its ability to estimate the amount of ink or toner needed to print a document prior to actual printing...

May 31 2007


AVPSoft Releases APBackUp 2.5

Twenty dollar backup solution that surprises software reviewers...

January 20 2005



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