Blocked by anti-virus programs

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Blocked by anti-virus programs

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I have been using APBackup for several years. I have an email dated 02 October 2013 containing my license key. I think I updated my APBackup on that date.

Today AVG has removed the .exe file to its vault, as a threat to my computer, and will not restore it.

I do not have a stored copy of the program, or my original download of the "setup" program, so I tried to get onto the APSoft website to re-download it. However avast will not allow the download.

Both anti-virus programs seem to be implying that APBackup contains software to allow pop-up advertisments to be placed by the program onto my computer.

i like the program immensley, mainly because it will backup automatically when file contents are changed. However, I would clearly be unwise to continue using it while these two AV programs are both raising alarms.

Is there any chance that APSoft could get these two well-know anti-virus programs to not block APBackup.exe and its download?
AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Re: Blocked by anti-virus programs

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Thank you for this report.
I tested APBackup installation file and only Avast suspects this file: ... /analysis/

I contacted Avast support team and sent them a "false positive" report.

Also you can download this APBackup build it passes Avast test:
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Re: Blocked by anti-virus programs

Post by HarryMachen »

I'm using Avast and APBackup. I don't run into any problem so far. top reviews - top sites - clever micro - ca men go - essential oils
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