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Reviews & Testimonials

"I was looking for software that would stamp the time and date.I went thru numerous search engines and could not find a product even close to yours.Thay all had some flaw in them.Your product had NO flaws and was very flexible.I was able to see what I was doing.The other products ruined the original.Your product places the stamped photo in another location.I decided to register Time Photo before th..."

Mike Fedchyshak

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Our Customers

AVPSoft.com has been providing quality software solutions for over five years. We are proud to number amongst our Clients some of the worlds largest companies - but rest assured all of our clients both large and small are equally important to us.


Our clients say ...


"I bought a beautiful Olympus 9000 digital camera because it had everything Iíd been looking for in a camera for two years. Imagine my dismay when I learned the camera didnít have an automatic date stamp, or even an option to turn a date stamp on and off (which would have made sense to me). So I was prepared to, sadly, return it, as I keep all my photo albums by date and having them tagged with the date is important enough to me for it to make a difference. But someone suggested I do a search for an after-market program that will do what I want without a hassle. Well!!! TimeToPhoto popped up with a quick and simple trial offer, which I jumped on, and in 5 minutes I knew this was exactly what I needed. So, long-story-short, I registered the software, Iím keeping the camera, which makes me very happy, and I can date-stamp my pictures in any location on the photo, in any color or font I want, and any size, and also can add any comments Iíd like to appear on the picture. I yam a happy camper! "

Brenda Ainley

"We have used this software for several years now. We do work on foreclosure houses for banks. Many of them want the photos we send to them date stamped to prove when our contractors were there. We have many contractos that work for us and itís too big of a hastle to require that they send us the photos date stamped. With Time to Photo I just stamp the photos that they send me before I submit them to the bank. "

Kristen Hathaway

"I just want to let you know how much time your software have saved me, in time and money. My business is cleaning out foreclosed properties and we are required recently to date stamp all the before and after work photos at each property. Needless to say, we have hundreds of pictures we have to process on a daily basis and we have been converting all photos to PDF files and adding on the date. This process is tedious and time consumming!! We cannot find a camera with the date stamp. We only use Sony brand and did not want to purchase over 20 new cameras with the date stamp feature. I googled for "date stamp cameras" and your site came up. I downloaded the trial version for 30 days. I used your software for 10 minutes and everything worked perfectly!!! I am so glad your software exists. "

Jackie Howe

"Good product (Universal Desktop Ruler), keep it up. We are an consultancy firm and we work a lot with existing building that do not have CAD drawings, only scant blueprints of PDF files. This tool saves us a lot of time and effort measuring and calculating the distances and service area's. "

Daniel Tulp

"I registered the software because I needed to be able to date stamp large numbers of photos all at once instead of ten at a time in the trial version. I do property preservation work and take anywhere from 60-150 photos per trip to each property and the banks just started requiring date stamping. My brand new Elph digital camera does not have that feature - ironically the cheaper HP camera I bought the Elph to replace did have that feature! The reason I chose this software over the others available is because it does not require that I save the date stamped photos as a whole new set of photos - I take them out of Picasa, add the date and then I put them back into Picasa using the same folder name - it does not take up any extra memory and I don't have to go back and delete a set of photos without the date stamp. Brilliant! I heard about the software on a bulletin board used by real estate agents and property preservation service companies, all of whom take a lot of photos. "

Melissa Mannix

"I just was seaching in Google for a software how to put dates on my pictures and put some key words for my search. TimeToPhoto appeared in one of the sites together with some other software relatd to dates on pictures (it was not your official website, I visited it later when the evaluation version expired). I downloaded four different programmes to put dates on pictures, but your one was the best, that is why I deleted the others and purchased your TimeToPhoto. I liked it because of the following reasons:
- it allows me to put not only the date but also any other text I wish on my pictures, for example where they are taken;
- it allows me to position the text where I wish on the picture;
- the name of the software does not appear on the picture (I have only the text I wish on the picture, nothing else);
- it is very simple to operate with;
- it keeps your original pictures "

Dimitriya Georgieva

"Within our directorate our group is responsible for providing printers to all the other local government services in the county. We wish to implement a print strategy to provide economic and less wasteful printing solutions. One of the strogest arguments we use is the cost per page of printed output. Up till now I have had only the industry standard 5% coverage to comapre against large multi function devices to show managers and budget holders the cost of their printed output. I always felt this statistic was incomplete and didn't really show the actual ink coverage on the page and the true cost to print.

I "googled" ink coverage calculator and a number of websites appeared but several all pointed towards yourselves. One in particular, InkCoverage.com, had a direct link to AVPSoft and the free trial software.

I downloaded the application for the 30 day trial and tested various documents and immediately noticed how different the results were compared to the 5% standard. I held a meeting with my manager and we agreed this was a useful tool and showed, with a lot more impact, just how more costly than the 5% standard our printed output was. We shall use this tool and calculate examples of users' printed output to show them more accurately how much each page costs and I can tie this in with total cost of ownership. The figures for the documents I have tested show clearly that our print strategy is more cost effective and a better solution than their current methods.

I could not find any other application that offered such accurate calculations and the feedback on the internet from users was very commendable to the application.

My congratulations for offering a tool that anyone in business, or even for private use, should use. The industry ISO-IEC19752 standard 5% ink coverage does not reflect accurate ink coverage and the true cost per page to print. APFill can be used proactively as well as reactively to measure actual costs. "

Bryan Johnston

"I was looking for software that would stamp the time and date.I went thru numerous search engines and could not find a product even close to yours.Thay all had some flaw in them.Your product had NO flaws and was very flexible.I was able to see what I was doing.The other products ruined the original.Your product places the stamped photo in another location.I decided to register Time Photo before the expiration so I know I have what I want.I was afraid of being stuck with those useless ones ( just in case) There is nothing Time Photo can't do ! The other good thing is that it was try and buy ...rather than buy then fight for a refund ! I found Time Photo on Google search engine...tried it ...Perfect !! Keep up the good work ! "

Mike Fedchyshak

"Thank you for the program - TIme to Photo! I had searched you out thru Google several months ago, looking for a date-to-photo program for my Sony A100 camera. I downloaded the trial version, and liked it very much. Then, by luck, I received a Discover Card offer, and the offer had your program as a free-gift if I accepted the card. I immediately accepted, and received the acitvation code to your program. I think it is a GREAT product. Thank you again. "


"Found TimeToPhoto on Google while looking for camera with date stamp and tried the trial version. Registered for Time To Photo because I need to date my pictures constantly and the camera I now have does not have datestamp and with TimeTo Photo I can now upgrade my camera without looking for one with the datestamp feature. "

Jose S. Encalada

"I bought a new Nikon D40 camera because I was frustrated with the delay on my other camera. Unbenounced to me my new camera does not put the Date Stamp on the photo. Having two small children and taking thousands of photos I was really upset. After having a conversation with Nikon help line and thinking I was going to have to get a new camera, I found online the reference to TimetoPhoto via a google search. Some gentleman had written in to a website and listed TimetoPhoto as an option for adding the date stamp. I immediately went to your site and registered for the trial. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and love it. I can't do without it now so I purchased it. All fancy cameras should let amateur photographers know about Timetophoto. "


"have been using your TimeToPhoto software for a few months now and I have to say I absolutely love it! It is so simple to use and I love being able to glance through my photo albums and know exactly when a particular photo was taken. Thank you for creating such a user friendly product. "

Courtney Turay

"I've searched in Google for a software that will enable me to put a timestamp on digital photos. the canon cam i've bought , for some unknown reeason, doesnt enable me to put a time stamp on pictures taken at a high quality (resolution)....so...i went to Google. I've looked for other products, but your product (TimeToPhoto) looked exactually what i was looking for, i always like a good software which implements the KISS concept. "

Daniel Bar

"Man am I glad I found you!!! I've been going crazy for close to a year already calling Canon asking them to wake up and smell the coffee and get some software that does it. I tried the evaluation version of TIMETOPHOTO, then purchased the full version. Just processed 300 pictures that I've been putting off for months and months!!... Thanks!!! "


"I bought yours UNIVERSAL DESKTOP RULER because it was simpler to use than Vistametric. We use it for making area measurements on USDA agricultural maps for our grain farm. I'm sure we'll find other uses for it also. Thanks! "


"I searched the Internet for a product that would time stamp digital photos. The time stamp is very useful when the digital photo is recording some event or progress on a project. I registered TimeToPhoto because the trial version worked well for my purposes. BTW, the registration process worked the first time. Congratulations on making the entire process easy to complete. Thanks for making the product available. "

Roger Sparks

"I was looking for a camera that date stamps the pictures. I ended up on a page where other people were looking for the same feature. One of the people suggested your program. I tried the sample, could only download 10 pictures, so I purchased the program. Thank you for providing this for me. "

Claudia Correia

"I just recently purchased a new Canon SD 600 Camera thinking it would print the date on the front of my photos. I am using; a lot, a Sony SDS85 Digital Camera that in fact does imprint the date on the photos. I personally love this feature! At any rate I find almost none of the newer cameras do this any more, so I started looking for some one with soft ware that would accomplish this chore. Well waa-la I found you much to my delight and I downloaded the Trial Version, loved it and decided to purchase same. Thank you very much for being there, I know I will enjoy this software for years to come. "

W.N. Sasser

"We found Time to Photo from a google search - time/date stamp on photos- you were the first one we found and we liked the free trial period but we went ahead and registed right away. It is so easy to use! "


"I just registered my trial version of TimeToPhoto. I found TimeToPhoto through a Google search for "jpg date time stamp software". In addition to being able to insert a date/time stamp on my jpegs, the batch processing feature is the main reason I selected Time To Photo. I am a Field Insurance Reporter. I work as an independent agent for Advanced Field Services. Starting January 1st, Advanced is requiring all photo submissions to have a date/time stamp on them. Each survey I do has multiple photos, which makes Time To Photo ideal for my situation. "

Michael Austin

"Nice software (TimeToPhoto), I found it by doing a google search. My new Sony DSC camera does not have a way to stamp the date in the pictures, which is something I like to have. After a trial I decided I want to keep the software. "

Manuel & Lourdes Sanchez-Palacios

"...because I mainly need to know the CMYK % coverage. And for years I was looking for such a software like APFill. THANKS A LOT. It is great. "

Sergio A. Civile

"I downloaded the demo of Universal Desktop Ruler, and it is the best-suited onscreen takeoff that I have seen. I have spent the last few days comparing many of them, and reading things such as a review of onscreen takeoff tools by the U.S. military, and it is clearly the best. I downloaded it and was usefully using it in about 5 minutes. We will buy several copies for our company. "

Ian Shapiro

"I found your software by using google to search for an application to assist me in preparing quantities from scale drawings, specifically for landscaping and fencing contract quotations. I am a quantity surveyor and have managed to save a large amount of expense by using Universal Desktop Ruler instead of purchasing a planimeter to undertake the same job. Preparing quantities for landscaping and fencing works requires the measurement of both length (fencing) and areas (turfing etc) which are easily undertaken with UDR. I simply photograph the technical drawing with a scale ruler captured within the shot and use this image to prepare the quantities I need. I would like to see a function that allows measured areas and lengths to remain on the screen in user selectable colours so that the same area is not measured twice. A used editable function on the history database to label each measurement and then export this data to excel would be good. I am very pleased to have found UDR as it has improved my accuracy and productivity compared to using a traditional scale ruler and I would like to congratulate you on identifying and filling a much needed gap. I shall recommend this product. "

Marc Fletcher

"Good for home or office, this backup program is reliable and easy to use. APBackUp helps you create complete backups of important data automatically. The program's clear and intuitive interface helps walk you through the process with a step-by-step wizard. A scheduling feature allows you to set a date and time for regular data backups. Programs can be backed up to hard drives or network drives or uploaded to an FTP site. The program also can save files in ZIP format so they can be viewed and restored with most ZIP file utilities. External archive formats such as 7-Zip, Ace, WinRar, ARJ, and JAR are supported. Overall, APBackUp is a good choice for any user who wants to keep backup files of sensitive data. "

Download.com Review of APBackUp

"AVPSoft's APBackUp 2.5 backs up your data to any storage medium-diskette, local or remote drive, writeable CD or DVD, or FTP site. It can send email notification of results after a scheduled backup, and can backup data from multiple local PCs to a remote FTP server. It isn't balked by open files-they get backed up too. Other features include incremental backups, retention of multiple file versions, and an option to run as a network service. "

Neil Rubenking

"I checked the internet with the passwords "digital distance measurement software". I first downloaded the unregistered version of Universal Desktop Ruler from your site. It was the only one with the ability to measure non-linear segments AND to save the results in desired unit. "

Voitto Haukisalmi

" I found you through an internet search on price per print and toner coverage. It wasn't easy and you were not the first one to come up by any stretch. But you were the only one I found. You still are not completely what I wanted in that I am still guessing at the cost for my color laser printer. But I at least have some kind of standard to work with. "

Nathan Bryant

" I have just recently purchased the APFill Ink Coverage Meter and I think the application is cool! I found the application through a Google search for a method to estimate the amount of toner that I could expect to use when printing various documents with a new color laser printer I bought. I'm not in business, but I like to create and print various documents and I help out a couple of non-profit organizations with their color printing needs. I primarily use a Macintosh, but I also have a PC (Windows XP) so I am able to use your application. I use the application to determine my actual costs for the printing ... APFill is a neat program. Thank you for your help. "

Robert Hayes

"I came across Universal Desktop Ruler whilst googling for 'on-screen digitizers' as in my line of work (construction project management), it is necessary to measure from architect drawings regularly. I wanted a product where I could measure without having to print out PDF plans. ... Overall, a great piece of software! "

Ian Kirsh

"I am a computer consultant and have used many backup products over the years. APBackup is by far the best backup program I have ever used. BY FAR! It does almost everything I want it to do, in the way that I want it to be done! What a fine job you folks have done. Thank you! "

Greg Quesnel

"Thank you for activating the Universal Desktop Ruler software. I first known this software from Google search for desktop ruler, since we want to measure the contour of the zebrafish on the screen. Your software is the most suitable one since it can measure curve and it is easy to use. "

Hai Wang, University of Toronto

"Thank you for dealing with my order so swiftly. I found your site on the Web, searching for back up programmes. APBackUp appealed to me and though I am not a young person, I found it somewhat easy to set up and follow. The cost seemed reasonable and so, I bought it! I now look forward to using it and trust that it will be all that I expected. ..."

Graham Anderson

"It is very rare that I see a company put so much effort into teaching a user how to use their software. It was extremely easy to learn what APBackUp does and how to use it. This is no small task! You have a ton of features in this program that I am sure will appeal to many people. I really pushed this application hard over the past few days and it always worked as it should. I never had a crash or lockup which always makes me EXTREMELY happy ;) "

Scott Swedorski, founder of TUCOWS (Promaxum Seal of Quality Review)

"I've been a long-time fan of your products, and I think this is one of the best back-up utilities one can find on the internet! Keep up the great work ..."

Derek Anderson

"...this program (APBackup) works GREAT. I bought two licenses and have two different unattended FTP backups which occur overnite. For the price it's a great value, and much cheaper than me writing it myself ..."


"Save2FTP is a smart and professional tool of backing up your data onto FTP servers. Automatic and scheduled backup of all data can now be done with ease and efficiency using this tool. You can backup vital data files onto remote FTP servers so that your data is secure. Professionals and beginners can benefit equally using this tool as the program interface is very simple and clear. Backup can be done automatically without monitoring required during the process. This can be done by scheduling the appointment at a particular time, day or week. The program is smart enough to decide on incremental backups by allowing backup of those files which have changed. This way you can be ensured of maintaining the latest backups of your files. You are also allowed to delete very old backups which are not useful anymore. You can store multiple folders in one FTP archive. All your needs are met completely with this free backup utility."

free downloads center

"I first discovered your Universal Desktop Ruler program at my previous job. I was an engineering tech and we wanted a way to measure dimensions on scanned documents. After a quick search, and a short test run with the trial version, we purchased the software. I changed employers earlier this year, and we have the same need for a digital measuring tool. Thank you for a great product! "

T. Byerly


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