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"...this program (APBackup) works GREAT. I bought two licenses and have two different unattended FTP backups which occur overnite. For the price it's a great value, and much cheaper than me writing it myself..."


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AVPSoft Releases APBackUp 3.3

For immediate release

September 18 2008

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Back Up Your Hard Drives Easily, Securely


AVPSoft has released APBackup v. 3.3, a powerful Windows backup application that makes it easy to back up data to a hard drive, network drive, DVD, CD-R/W, FTP, or LAN. Unlike complicated software that discourages computer users from backing up their files, APBackup makes it easy to organize your backups, and create them on a regular schedule, automatically.


APBackup offers features that are not available in other backup applications. The program can safely and securely back up all of your files, even if these files are open and being used when the backups are created. You can back up and store multiple versions of important files. The program can back up multiple PCs, and store the data in one place, making it easier to find and restore data when needed in an emergency.


After backing up all of your important files, the program can be set to perform only incremental backups in the future. It is much faster to make future backups of only those files that have changed since your last backup operation.


Another key feature of APBackup is its ability to synchronize files and folders. It's simple to ensure that your laptop has the latest files at the beginning of your business trip, and that your desktop has the latest files when you return to the office.


The built-in scheduler lets you make backups on a regular schedule, ensuring that your critical files are always protected. On Windows 2000, and XP computers, APBackup can be run as a service. Source folders can be monitored, so backups can be automatically started after a source folder has changed. You can compress your data in ZIP, ARJ, or JAR formats, to make your data storage more efficient.


Recognizing the need for security, APBackup supports AES 256-bit encryption, the most secure regimen available today. The program creates logs of all of your backup operations. Backup archives can be password-protected. APBackup can email you each time it completes a backup operation. The latest version of APBackup supports FTPS, the secure file transfer version of FTP. FTPS, often called FTP/SSL, allows you to upload your backup archives to a remote FTP server, with total security.


APBackup supports all hard drives and removables, including FTP, LAN, and the UNC file path names used in network folders. Any backup archive may be backed up into multiple places. The program can automatically add date and time information to the file names that it creates, allowing you to build a library of backups for particular files or folders.


Whether you're a business owner who needs to create offsite backup copies of critical data each week, a sales person who need to synchronize your laptop and your desktop for business trips, a computer consultant who needs an efficient tool to back up your clients' data, or a home computer user who wants to preserve your emails and photos, APBackup has the tools that you need.


APBackup v. 3.3 runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, costs $49.95(US) for a single user license, and may be purchased securely online on http://avpsoft.com/products/apbackup/. Multi-user licenses, and an affordable home license, are available. For more information, visit http://avpsoft.com/products/apbackup/ or write to info@avpsoft.com. You can download a trial version of APBackup from the company's web site.


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Editorial Evaluation Copy Available on Request


About AVPSoft:


Since 2002, AVPSoft has been developing and marketing productivity tools for Windows users. In addition to APBackup, the company also offers APFill Ink Coverage Meter, a utility that makes it easy to calculate the amount of ink or toner, and the related cost, of printing a particular page; Universal Desktop Ruler, a program that lets you measure distances, areas, and perimeters of figures on the screen, including figures with curved edges; TimeToPhoto, a utility that lets you add datestamps and memory labels to selected photographs, with a single mouse click; and Save2FTP, a handy application that lets you back up your data to remote FTP servers.


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