Incremental Backup

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Incremental Backup

Post by mathieu » 24 Jan 2005, 16:59

This software is using incremental Backup ?

AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 24 Jan 2005, 19:25

Yes to do that you should set following flags on "Source files" panel:
- Include only if "Archive" attribute is set
- Clear "Archive" attribute
So on the second start of this task only changed files will be packed.

You can create one task for full backup, for example - once a week.
(In this task you should set only second flag: "Clear "Archive" attribute")

The second task with both flags set for every day start. So In this case only changed after previous backup files will be packed.


Deactivate task after incremental

Post by Etienne » 09 Sep 2005, 10:28


I have a problem with the incremental backup. The task is deactivate if there is no new file (or file changed) into the folder.
I would like the task to be always activated.

Sorry for my bad english

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