FTP backup not fully updated

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FTP backup not fully updated

Postby languageusa » 09 Mar 2006, 15:51

When I delete or rename a file locally (on my PC), the FTP backup of the corresponding folder still contains those files (that were deleted or renamed on my PC). I would like to be able to perform full updates on the FTP side to make my FTP backups exact copies of my PC files in their current state. Now, to make that possible, each time I delete / cut or rename, I go to my FTP files and delete the old/unwanted files manually. I am totally new to this product and can suspect that it contains an automatic function that does that, I just do not see it yet. Thanks!

AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Postby support » 10 Mar 2006, 06:12

Sorry but current version hasn't sync function. So in your case you should delete folders manually or create full backup each time.

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