Conditional Run After

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Conditional Run After

Post by smgriggs » 29 Mar 2006, 15:39

Quoting from a prior post
"I would also like the 'Run After' command to be conditional, based on upload success or failure. I'm using it to hibernate the computer (via a command line program), but I don't want this to happen if something went wrong. It could also be used to delete the source files only if the transfer was succesful. "
This is exactly why I was here at the support forum looking for a way to have a conditional run after command.

I am trying to set a flag to an external file to be used in an external app that will be set to true if the FTP transfer for last night was successfull. Any suggestions?

AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 30 Mar 2006, 10:11

Just create new task with flag (Main option panel) "Execute only To do after/before.." and on the Shedule panel choose "After executing the task X" = Your existing task and choose "When the task success". That's all. If your FTP task was successed then this new task is executed.

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