save2ftp how to create ZIP?

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save2ftp how to create ZIP?

Post by SirYorik » 22 Apr 2005, 09:51

how to create single file .ZIP ?

now make full directories mirror only.

but in help:
Archive prefix

Archive file (folder) will be named [Archive prefix][Date format].[extension]

Date format

You can ask Save2FTP to add a date to the archive file name. For example, if you set Archive prefix "Work-" Date format "YYYYMMDD", then the archive created at 10.12.2003 will be named "".

You can also use "\" in the date format. For example, if the date format was "YYYY\MM\DD\hh-nn", then archive created at 02.01.2003 12:34 would have the full path "20003\01\02\". This way you can sort archives to different folders depending on the creation date.


Post by SyrYorik » 22 Apr 2005, 10:47

make single RAR archive from dir with subdir.
this create on FTP .../[ZipName]/[ZipName].rar


Code: Select all

set RAR=c:\n.r.i\winrar\rar.exe
set FILE="%CD%\%1.rar"
if exist %FILE% del  %FILE%
%RAR% a -r -ac -x*.rar %FILE% "%CD%"
Source Files
Include files: C:\SOMEFOLDER\*.*
Backup Parameters: uncheck all except INCLUDE ONLY....
Run Before
Execute: C:\SOMEBIN\makerar.cmd
Parameters: [ZipName]

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AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 22 Apr 2005, 18:38

Save2FTP is a lite version of APBackup ttp://
So Save2ftp don't do packed archives. If you want to do packed backups use APbackup. You can use it to evaluate 30 days

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