Path Invalid - not monitored

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Path Invalid - not monitored

Postby tapirelli » 05 Mar 2012, 18:00

Trying to set automatic ftp export process when the files in source folder changes (meteo graphs .png created by the meteo station software).
The process doesn't work, I get this error: Not Monitored (the path to the source folder may be invalid)
When I start the process in manual mode everything works correctly.

Thank in advance for your help

AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Re: Path Invalid - not monitored

Postby support » 07 Mar 2012, 07:47


Is the source folder a network folder or is it a local folder. Please send APBackup.log file and ARhTasks.bpd to

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Re: Path Invalid - not monitored

Postby gavind » 29 Jun 2012, 18:15

I assume that this is a network folder where it is unreachable. Anyways, were you able to get this to work tapirelli? Image

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Re: Path Invalid - not monitored

Postby alexis » 21 Feb 2014, 11:43

Long Path Tool works well to copy or delete long path files, you may use it and I m sure you will love it.

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