backup fails/computer shuts down to early

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backup fails/computer shuts down to early

Post by m.blom » 20 Aug 2005, 11:22


backup is starting after folder change. i have set schedule: start after time out= 2min / run after: execute: C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe

what happends is that it is starting backup and then after a few moment, while it is still in the proces of backup it shuts down? Which setting do i need, because i do not know it anymore?

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log file included now

Post by m.blom » 20 Aug 2005, 11:29

this is what the logfile says:

19-8-2005 21:04:54:[1001][E] Unable to copy file to FTP: "" [Socket Error # 10054Connection reset by peer.]
19-8-2005 21:03:01:[1001] Successful change of directory: backup
19-8-2005 21:03:01:[1001] Successfully connected
19-8-2005 21:03:00:[1001] Copying has started to FTP: ""
19-8-2005 21:03:00:[1001] The archiving will be executed - files for archiving are available
19-8-2005 21:03:00:[1001] Task started
19-8-2005 21:01:00:[1001] The sources files have been changed. The task will be started in 0:02:00
19-8-2005 19:33:28:[1001] The task is changed

AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 22 Aug 2005, 06:21

"Connection Reset by peer" this error means that obviously you have firewall and It blocks FTP transfer. You can open needed ports for FTP trnasfering or try use passive mode. Also you can try evaluation version of APBackup (It can reconnect or ZIP all files and transfer only one file to FTP).

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