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limit bandwidth

Post by tmerlo » 30 Aug 2005, 13:21

Is there a way to limit the bandwidth Save2ftp uses?

AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 31 Aug 2005, 10:12

There is no way to do it in Save2FTP but you can limit FTP bandwith on the SERVER side. For example FIleZilla FTP server (and many others) allows you to set Speed Limit for any FTP user. Also you can do it with Firewall


Post by gl » 10 Oct 2005, 02:40

Hi, great utility, thanks for releasing it for free.

I would also like to see a bandwidth throttling option. Ideally the program would monitor the connection and only use idle bandwidth (that way it can use 100% when possible, without flooding the connection for other apps). If that's too complicated, a fixed upload speed would also be very welcome.

I would also like the 'Run After' command to be conditional, based on upload success or failure. I'm using it to hibernate the computer (via a command line program), but I don't want this to happen if something went wrong. It could also be used to delete the source files only if the transfer was succesful.

A way to temporarily pause all active uploads would be useful too, especially from the taskbar icon contex menu. At the moment, when I 'Pause' an uploading task, and then 'Execute' it, the upload fails to resume correctly "[Socket Error # 10053Software caused connection abort.]".

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