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Guest 929

Schedule on Content Change

Post by Guest 929 » 29 Sep 2005, 15:41

When I set the schedule to be triggered based on content change, APBackup detects the change but the schedule appears to be fixed at midnight:

"09.29.2005 11:34:53 AM:[1001] The sources files have been changed. The task will be started in 12:01:00 AM"

Is there a way to make the update occur on a more frequent schedule?

Is there a sync or mirror process in APBackup?


AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 30 Sep 2005, 12:58

Just download last build of APBackup this bug is fixed there.

No there is no sync feature in the current version of APBackup. You can set "Update" and "Incremental backup" options and copy all files in one folder (without date format) but all files which have been deleted in source foldes will stay in archive.

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