Any Merging Feature for Copy?

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Any Merging Feature for Copy?

Post by scp » 12 Oct 2005, 06:33


I relised that if the depth is set, the older version (whole folder) will be deleted totally. I am using copy with incremental set.

Example, if the depth is set to 3. You do not really keep 3 versions of files but 3 set of files that has changed recently. Those files do not changed fequently get deleted eventually.

Is there a merging feature that do merging instead of deleting. With merging there will be always 3 version of files being kept.

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AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 12 Oct 2005, 10:28

There Is no such feature in APBackup. But you can use archive name without date or with month (without days) and set option "if archive alreade exist"=Update.
In this case files will be accumulated in one archive folder.

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Mix Differential with Incremental

Post by Gigo » 13 Feb 2006, 16:48

What you COULD do is create a differential set with depth 7 (use the Date format to get them in unique folders) which should be executed 6 times a week (e.g. Saturday thru Thursday).

Additionaly create an Incremental set with depth 0. Do not use the date format, but a Prefix, to ensure this data always ends up in the same folder. Execute this set once a week (e.g. Fridays).

The Differential Backup will not remove the archive bit, so the amount of data you backup will grow, untill the Incremental backup is run (which DOES remove the archive bit).

In the end you'll have 7 folders: 6 with dates & 1 with your Prefix. The one with the prefix will hold all incremental backups (in my case, the initial full backup plus the consecutive incremental backups) and the dated folders will hold the daily changes.

This is the only way to work with different file versions without storing all changes in a local database or comparing the entire backup with the actual data.

The feature SCP describes would be welcomed hartily by me too!

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