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Middle Of Night Backup

Post by Mark » 11 Nov 2005, 18:56


I put my system into stand by at the end of the day and want to have my backup wake the system from stand by durring the night, do the backup, upload to the FTP site, and then allow the system to go back into stand by.

As far as I can see, there is no option in the scheduler to wake the system from stand by. If this is not correct, please let me know where this opton exists.

The lack of this option should not be an issue as I can use the XP scheduler to wake the system. Unfortunately, when I wake the system just before the time that Save2FTP is scheduled to run, it does not execute at that time. When I start using the system in the morning, Save2FTP executes successfully at that time so it would appear that I have the task configured correctly.

Does the behaviour I am reporting make sense and is there a way to achieve the outcome I want?

AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Post by support » 12 Nov 2005, 06:33

There is no such option in the Save2ftp
You can configure the task start on "System startup" and in the main Option window set "Shutdown program if there are no active tasks today"
So in this case if you startup Save2FTP from XP sheduler when your computer is waked up Save2FTP will start the task and after it is completed Save2FTP will shutdown.

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