Incorrect password or unknown username for:

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Incorrect password or unknown username for:

Postby Ian » 15 Nov 2005, 06:11

I am receiving this message when trying to set the source. My APBackup was working fine, then it started to skip backing up due to not having the correct access to the networked computer.

I can see and use the networked folder fine through windows explorer, but even if I try setting the user/pass in the advanced settings in apbackup, I still receive the same message.

What can I do?
I have the full version of APBackup, running a standard windows tcp network with the correct permissions set.


Postby Ian » 16 Nov 2005, 22:54

If you start APBackup as Service then see

You were correct, starting as a system service doesn't allow it to have permissions to access network paths.

I'm just running it in the windows startup now and it works fine. Thank you!

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