EID:206:The filename or extension is too long

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EID:206:The filename or extension is too long

Post by MG »

I'm evaluating APbackup.

Backup process (incremental, from several folder on local disks and paritions, to a different backup dedicated local disk) fails with the following error:

06.09.2005 12.58.10:[1001][E] Unexpected error. Either source or archive folders are invalid[Can not create destination file: [EID:206:The filename or extension is too long.]"Z:\200509061256\Documents and Settings\.....

The system is an XP SP2 and disks are NTFS.

But the problem seems to be related to the length of the path to be copied.
Is there any limit in the strings used by the software, limit smaller than the one used by the OS?

Tank you in advance,
Best regards.


Post by Guest »

Unfortunately In Win32 OS you can't create file with path longer 250 symbols. So If in your source there are files with long pathes and your destination folder + source file path have length >250 windows can't create this file on the disk.
There are two ways in APBackup to avoid this situation:
1. If your source is for example "C:\Documents and Settings\*.*" you can store path part without "\Documents and Settings\". Just clear the "Store full source path on copy" option on the "Backup->Source" panel.
2. Also you can just skip these files without failing the task. In this case set "Skip files with too long destination name" option on the "Backup->Source" panel and task won't be stopped only warning record will be inserted in the log file.
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Re: EID:206:The filename or extension is too long

Post by markofVis »

This problem is no longer a considered because it has been solved.There is away to fix this problem and the name of that software is LONG PATH TOOL.I highly recommend it to you since I have already used it.
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Re: EID:206:The filename or extension is too long

Post by sunniva »

Yes APBackup 3.X has a new Zip archiver version. Also it has ZIP checking feature after backup so after backup APBackup checks ZIP file and if it is corrupted the task stops with error message in a log. (Backup->Advanced->Check ZIP after backup). Also make sure your drive R: has NTFS file syste
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