Error Message - File not found

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Error Message - File not found

Post by KenT »

I have migrated from Windows Vista to Ubuntu (Linux)

I am using APBackup in Ubuntu, opened with the Wine “Windows Program Loader”
(The description reads “Wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows applications on Linux)

All was going well, but suddenly I am getting the following Error Message on lines 9 and 10 in the logs: -

21.04.2016 09:49:44:[1003][I] The task is added
21.04.2016 09:49:44:[1003][W] Monitoring is ON
21.04.2016 09:49:44:[1003][W] Monitoring is OFF
21.04.2016 09:49:55:[1003][I] The task is changed
21.04.2016 09:49:55:[1003][W] Monitoring is ON
21.04.2016 09:50:07:[1003][I] Task started [3.8.5983-41]
21.04.2016 09:50:07:[1003][W] Monitoring is OFF
21.04.2016 09:50:07:[1003][I] The archiving will be executed - files for archiving are available
[color=#FFFF00]21.04.2016 09:50:07:[1003][W] Copy Access Rights Error:File not found:G:
21.04.2016 09:50:07:[1003][E] Unexpected error. Either source or archive folders are invalid[Can not create destination file: [EID:3:Path not found. If it is network drive try to use \\SERVER\PATH.]"D:\Test Backup 21Apr16 _09-50\Heating Oil Consumption & Prices.ods" Attr:[32] (Last processed file: "Creating folder is completed: D:\Test Backup 21Apr16 _09-50" Next file to process: "G:\Heating Oil Consumption & Prices.odsFinal [1]Final [2]Final [3]")]
21.04.2016 09:50:07:[1003][W] Monitoring is ON
21.04.2016 09:51:02:[1003][W] Monitoring is OFF
21.04.2016 10:17:47:[1003][W] Monitoring is ON

APBackup lists folder G: in Edit/Sources, and I have selected it as the Source.

How can I cure this error?
AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Re: Error Message - File not found

Post by support »


I guess APBackup can't create a file through Wine with the ampersand (&) in the file name. Under Windows it works fine.
Could you test it and run a task without such files in the source.
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Re: Error Message - File not found

Post by KenT »

Many thanks for your quick reply.

Problem solved – Operator error, or mis-understanding.

I was specifying a non-existent drive (D:) for the Destination. The ampersand is not a problem.

I have both Windows Vista and Ubuntu (Linux) installed on the “C” drive on my laptop computer. I am transitioning from Vista to Ubuntu, because I find Ubuntu to be a much faster operating system, but I am still learning how it works.

In Windows Vista I use my “D” drive to save everything except the Vista operating system (That is, downloads, programs, photographs & videos, etc.)
I save my data (e.g. Office files, pdf documents, engineering data, financial data, etc.) on a drive connected via a USB port, and back-up, using APBackup “On File Change” onto the “D” drive. My data is critical, and I need to guard against theft, loss, fire, and especially drive failure and drive corruption, so I also back up daily (Seven days deep) and weekly (Six months deep) onto two other USB connected drives.

I use the same method in Ubuntu.

In APBackUp, run under Wine on Ubuntu, when selecting sources and destination, the drives listed on my computer are C, D, E, G, K, Z. But investigation shows that D, E and K do not actually exist.

APBackup on Ubuntu does not recognise the “D” drive as “D”, but as Z:\media\computer name\drive name where computer name and drive name are the particular names in use. If I select this as the Destination, then it works perfectly.

So now, for me, APBackUp works very well on Ubuntu using the “Wine Windows Program Loader”.

I think APBackUp, with its multi-depth backup, and backup on file change, is by far the best back-up program available.

I hope this will help others starting to use APBackUp on Ubuntu.

I have just a couple of inconveniences when used in Ubuntu, which I shall cover in another thread
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