What about an A3 page?

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What about an A3 page?

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I'm a little bit confused here and need some help.
I export my A3 (420χ297mm) graphic creation from "Corel Draw" in "pdf" format. Then i import it on "APFill" and i get my results. Now I need som help here. Did "APFill" recognize that my graphic creation is a big A3 page ? According to the manual, yes. Is that true or i have to determine manual the size ?
And now let's go to my results. I get a C=3%, M=2%, Y=4% and B=1% results. If i want to calculate the cost of this page i have to double the results, since all the "pages per toner" numbers is for A4 pages? In other words if my toner last for 1000 pages with 5% coverage in A4 i have to calculate my results from APfill as C=6%, M=4%, Y=8% and B=2%, or the software (ApFill) has already do that for me and the results are for A3 page ?

Please advise. I get some very expensive results per page for A3 pages using the "double the results" method and I need a confirmation.

Thank you.
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Re: What about an A3 page?

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APFill doesn't know on what paper you will print your PDF file for example you can print your document on A3 or A4 so APFill gets % of page area and you should convert them to A4 to get cost. In your case APFill gets reuslts as % of page A3 area and to convert them to A4 you should double them.
For example C=3% of A3. As A3 area is A4 area*2 so for A4 C=6%.

With APFill you can copy results into Excel and automate conversion with simple excel formulas.
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