Save2FTP - Unable to copy to file FTP : Permission denied

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Save2FTP - Unable to copy to file FTP : Permission denied

Post by Dave_B2000 »

Hi, I am trying to use the save2ftp software however it is coming up with the following message (see below):

I can manually ftp onto the ftp server and am able to copy a file into the ClientC folder.

I am also logged onto the source machine with a user account that has admin rights (although it's running vista if that makes any difference ?).

06.08.2008 11:26:00:[1001][E] Unexpected error. Either source or archive folders are invalid[Unable to copy file to FTP: "" [index.html: Permission denied]]
06.08.2008 11:26:00:[1001][E] Unable to copy file to FTP: "" [index.html: Permission denied]
06.08.2008 11:26:00:[1001] CDUP command successful
06.08.2008 11:25:59:[1001] Successful change of directory: Backup
06.08.2008 11:25:59:[1001] Successfully connected
06.08.2008 11:25:49:[1001] Copying has started to FTP: ""
06.08.2008 11:25:49:[1001] The archiving will be executed - files for archiving are available
06.08.2008 11:25:49:[1001] Task started
06.08.2008 11:25:45:[1001] The task is changed
06.08.2008 11:25:41:[1001] The task is changed

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
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