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Permission problem

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I'm an APBackup client and been using it for quite some time without problems, until now.

In a simple backup task, I created a Full Backup from a remote directory to a local directory. The backup includes files and sub-folders. When the task executes, it copies the files and creates the 1st of the sub-folders, then it stops the task with an error, saying the destination is invalid... I presume un-writable.
If I go to the destination sub-folder just created by APBackup and try to create a file, it says it can't, that I have no permissions... but in the main folder of the backup destination, it allows it.

Also, there are other similar tasks, from the same origin and with the same destination, with similar settings, and they work perfectly.

Do you have any idea on this problem ?

Thanks in advance,
AVPSoft support
AVPSoft support
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Re: Permission problem

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Try to clear "Copy NTFS access rigths" on the APBackup task "Source" panel.
Also if APBackup is started as a Service check a service user account configuration.
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