Renaming photos with numbers (or no numbers)

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Renaming photos with numbers (or no numbers)

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I've recently been renaming my pictures. I have a big problem with numbers so am renaming them in word form (Wed, Feb 22nd, 2012. 12.20pm, instead of 22.2.12. 12.20pm.)

I have been renaming each folder like this.

When adding date & time to pictures is it better to do it as Wed, 22.2.12. 12.20pm or is it ok to write it as Wed, Feb 22nd, 2012. 12.20pm. What do most people do regarding this?

I know that it adds 001 numbers etc but do I have to have these numbers or won't they stay in the correct order if I don't?

Also, when viewing pictures which is the best way of viewing them, for example windows xp photo gallery or picasa? I have both but I find picasa a bit confusing at times, mainly because of my numbers problem.

Any tips would be appreciated. :)

Thank you from the UK.
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