running UDR on Mac (using Parallels)

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running UDR on Mac (using Parallels)

Postby SGalbraith » 25 Apr 2011, 14:25

I was a Windows XP user for years and often relied on Universal Desktop Ruler for my engineering work. Two years ago I bought a MacBook Pro and started running Windows programs through the Parallels software, which creates a "virtual machine." My virtual machine was Windows XP and I was able to continue running Universal Desktop Ruler without trouble.

Last December Parallels locked up and I had to reload everything. I also had to buy Windows 7 because XP wouldn't work anymore. Now I am unable to get Universal Desktop Ruler to function. As far as I can tell, the program seems to load and run but does not display anywhere, so I can't use it. I have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail.

Any suggestions will be welcome. Measuring with Photoshop's ruler function is very awkward, not a satisfactory substitute.

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Re: running UDR on Mac (using Parallels)

Postby support » 26 Apr 2011, 07:14


Universal Desktop Ruler icon is in the system tray after startup. Does this icon appear there (the bottom-right corner of the screen)? Check taskbar settings it is possible that taskbar hide UDR icon after it starts. Could you send a screenshot of your computer desktop after the program starts to Also try to run it in administrator mode (Righ click on UDR icon and select "run as administrator").

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