How to calculate coverage?

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How to calculate coverage?

Post by Michael »


Post by Michael »

Sorry about the above msg, i pushed the Submit button (instead of Preview) and... here we go...

Lemme ask the question now:

How do i calculate the coverage cost?

I have a laser printer using CMYK toners. each of toners are marked as lasting 10000 pages at 5% coverage. I assume that reffers to 8.5 x 11 (letter size pages,) right?

ok, I measured in a PS file and the software reported:

Average CMYK

and the Page Total coverage density is 43.35% (8.67 compared to 5%)


how should i calculate the cost now?

should i report that the page is 43.35% covered, instead of 5% and do the math for that value?

or by individual colors and add them together?

thanx, this software is amazing
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If you want to calculate cost you should separate colors in your editor and estimate page coverage for every separated color. You'll get results on "5% covarage" page for every color. To estimate cost you can see "5% page equivalent" result - just multiple it to cost of 5% page for the same color.
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