Resume Backup if drive is disconnected

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Resume Backup if drive is disconnected

Postby microquest » 13 Nov 2009, 18:13


I am running APBackup on a couple machines. Currently I am having trouble with our backup drive (Drobo. Would not recommend. About to send back the 2nd one) where it will just drop off and not be recognized by the host computer. My question is with the Archive in APBackup. I also run another backup program on another server that when it archives the file to a folder locally, it is already archived with the correct extension. So when the backup drive comes back up, it resumes the copy, or sometimes I have to manually copy it, from the archive folder locally to the backup folder on the Drobo on another machine. I can even open the backup from the archived folder. However I notice with APBackup that when it archives the file locally, it saves it as a bunch of .tmp files and not the .zip files. The logs note that the drive it wants to write to is gone and just errors out (because the Drobo is a POS). But what about when that backup drive comes back up? How do you get those tmp files over to their backup destination all zipped up when the backup drive comes backup? Or is that backup now no longer valid and lost?

The version I am running is 3.5.5411

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Re: Resume Backup if drive is disconnected

Postby support » 16 Nov 2009, 13:28

APBackup creates .Tmp files only in the TEMP folder when destination ZIP file already exists and APBackup needs to update it. When APBackup creates ZIP archive it start with creating ~[task number].ZIP file and when it is completed APBackup renames it to defined ZIP file name.

Could you send an example with .tmp files and a screenshot to

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Re: Resume Backup if drive is disconnected

Postby stillbatt » 22 Jun 2013, 04:35

Someone can help me? One more info I can add is that I tryed with another FTP program to transfer the ZIP created by APBackUp and it works flawlessy... so the problem is for sure not in the server or in the connection itself.

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Re: Resume Backup if drive is disconnected

Postby raneeya » 22 Apr 2015, 09:20

I see that this directory is marked as "Read Only" in Windows. I tried changing this, but the changes would not "stick" and the directory always returns to Read Only mode.

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