Synchronization mode in APBackup

APBackup 3.5 features a synchronization mode for modes without compression, i.e. copy and FTP copy modes.

When in the synchronization mode, APBackup creates an archive and updates it each time the corresponding task is started, so the archive becomes an exact copy of the source after each task launch. The synchronization mode is normally used for archives without a date format , as the mod implies that the same archive is updated every time.
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Configuring incremental and differential backups in APBackup

Today, we will explain how you can use APBackup to configure incremental and differential backups .

Users often use APBackup for making complete backups where files are saved to the same folder or a new archive each time a backup is made using the date format and the archive depth value. However, if you need to back up a lot of data (dozens of gigabytes, for instance) every day, it may take a lot of time and slow down your system in spite of the fact that APBackup features a mechanism that allows you to control the CPU load (by giving the backup process a lower priority and enabling automatic pauses during the backup process).
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