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"I just was seaching in Google for a software how to put dates on my pictures and put some key words for my search. TimeToPhoto appeared in one of the sites together with some other software relatd to dates on pictures (it was not your official website, I visited it later when the evaluation version expired). I downloaded four different programmes to put dates on pictures, but your one was the best..."

Dimitriya Georgieva

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AVPSoft Releases APBackUp 2.5

For immediate release

January 20 2005

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Twenty dollar backup solution that surprises software reviewers.


APBackUp is a backup software solution that costs only twenty dollars but matches or sometimes outperforms most of its more expensive rivals. Here is what Scott Swedorski, the founder of Tucows.Com, said about the program:


"It is very rare that I see a company put so much effort into teaching a user how to use their software. It was extremely easy to learn what APBackUp does and how to use it. I really pushed this application hard over the past few days and it always worked as it should."


While very straightforward, APBackUp has all features any PC user, whether a novice or a pro, might need. These include support for all storage media types (floppy, hard drive, network disk, DVD, CD-R/W, FTP or LAN), plug-in support for any type of data compression method beyond ZIP (WinRar, ARJ or JAR), file/folder synchronization options and a brainlessly simple task scheduler.


In addition, APBackUp offers several extremely handy features that most other backup software developers seemed to overlook - like backing up files that are opened and being used, e-mail notification for backup results, incremental backup, multiple backup file versions or an option to run the program as a network service. Plus, APBackUp can back up multiple PCs and store that data in one place - a very convenient solution for small businesses and home offices.


For folks who can't fork up 20 bucks for a backup solution, AVPSoft created a special version of the program called Save2FTP, which is distributed as freeware. Basically, it's a bare-bone version of APBackUp that automatically backs up data from local PCs to remote FTP servers


APBackUp is available at http://avpsoft.com/products/apbackup/ for free evaluation. The cost of registering the program is 20 US Dollars.


If you would like to get a comment, request a reviewer copy, have a businesses proposal, want to become an authorized reseller or have any other inquiry, please contact us at support@avpsoft.com


Product page link:http://avpsoft.com/products/apbackup/

Company website: http://avpsoft.com

E-mail: support@avpsoft.com


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