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The new version of APFill 6.1 is available for download.

The new version of APFill 6.0 is available for download.

The new version of TimeToPhoto 3.0 has been released.

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"Good for home or office, this backup program is reliable and easy to use. APBackUp helps you create complete backups of important data automatically. The program's clear and intuitive interface helps walk you through the process with a step-by-step wizard. A scheduling feature allows you to set a date and time for regular data backups. Programs can be backed up to hard drives or network drives or ..."

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APBackup FAQ

Q: Can ApBackup save my archive to remote computer or to CD-RW?


A: APBackup can copy archive via LAN to Remote computer, to FTP server or through E-mail. So APBackup can copy archive to CD-RW via Packet Writing interface. In this case you need to install one of followings packets (for example): Roxio DirectCD, Ahead InCD, Software Architects Write CD-RW.


Q: When error was occured in the task, it became inactive and stopped executing according to the shedule. How can I tune the task to postpone the task if error is occured?


A: You can do it on the "Shedule" tab in the Task edit window. You should choise one of three variants of behaviour in "If error is occured during the archivation" panel. They are: Deactivate (by default), Postpone the task according to the shedule, Repeat in N minutes.


Q: How can I save all of my tasks and copy to other computer?


A: All tasks are saved in ArhTasks.bpd file.


Q: How can I tune tasks to executing one after one?


A: APBackup allows you to build chains of tasks. To do it You should choise "After executing the task X" kind of shedule.


Q: I have very big size of data to backup and APBackup displays error in log file.What should I do?


A: You should setup "Archiver temporary folder" in program options. One more, make shure that there is enough space on the destination drive.


Q. When I choising source folders, I can't see hidden files and folders. What can I do?


: APBackup uses standard Microsoft Windows dialog to choose folders, so you should setup viewing of hidden files in Windows "My computer".


Q: When I start ABackup as normal windows application the task work via LAN without troubles. But if I start APBackup as a service, the task falls. Why?


A: That is from Microsoft Win32 SDK: "The LocalSystem account is a predefined local account used by system processes. The name of the account is .\System. This account does not have a password. If you specify the LocalSystem account in a call to the CreateService function, any password information you supply is ignored. A service that runs in the context of the LocalSystem account inherits the security context of the SCM. It is not associated with any logged-on user account and does not have credentials (domain name, user name, and password) to be used for verification. This has several implications: * The service cannot open the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER. * The service can open the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY. * The service has limited access to network resources, such as shares and pipes, because it has no credentials and must connect using a null session. The following registry key contains the NullSessionPipes and NullSessionShares values, which are used to specify the pipes and shares to which null sessions may connect: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ LanmanServer\Parameters Alternatively, you could add the REG_DWORD value RestrictNullSessAccess to the key and set it to 0 to allow all null sessions to access all pipes and shares created on that machine. * The service cannot share objects with other applications, unless they are opened using a DACL which allows a user or group of users access or NULL DACL, which allows everyone access. Specifying a NULL DACL is not the same as specifying NULL, which means that access is only granted to applications with the same security context. For more information, see Allowing Access. * If the service opens a command window and runs a batch file, the user could hit CTRL+C to terminate the batch file and gain access to a command window with LocalSystem permissions"


Q: "Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author." Is it a bug?


It's not a bug of our software, actually, it's caused by some CA software such as CA Internet Security Suite. AOL users may also have this problem. AOL users please try following solution: Restore or click on AOL Safety and security. On the left is listed FIREWALL. You click to open Firewall. Then click to open Privacy Wall. On left side of panel is Program permissions- make sure program permission is enabled. Then click on View Program Permissions. After Program permissions load, you need to add the apbackup.exe (Normally in C:\Program Files\APBackup\) to this list via New Allowed Application-it has a browser built in so you can find the .exe. Also try to update your Spyware software.



Q: How can I make an unattended intsllation package?


A: To make an unattended installation of APBackup just create .BAT file with lines:

start /wait APBackup.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-
Where XXXXX-XXXXX....-XXXXX is your multi-user license key and APBackup.exe on the first line is the standard APBackup distributive.


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