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The new version of Universal Desktop Ruler 3.8 is released.

The new version of APFill 5.9 is available for download.

The new version of Home & Office backup tool - APBackUp 3.9 has been released.

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"I found your software by using google to search for an application to assist me in preparing quantities from scale drawings, specifically for landscaping and fencing contract quotations. I am a quantity surveyor and have managed to save a large amount of expense by using Universal Desktop Ruler instead of purchasing a planimeter to undertake the same job. Preparing quantities for landscaping and f..."

Marc Fletcher

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APBackup - version history

3.9 [28.04.2016]

3.8 [2.03.2012]

3.7 [19.03.2010]

3.6 [11.12.2009]

3.0 [10.02.2007]

  • Microsoft Vista compatibly
  • Now "Update,Add,Refresh" modes work for backup to FTP.
  • Syncronization mode for FTP backup added
  • Syncronization mode for "Copy" mode added
  • Now APBackup can write log information into Windows System Event Log
  • ...

2.8 [04.08.2006]

  • Correct "too long" and "access denied" file processing when upload to FTP
  • New version of built-in ZIP64 archivator
  • Correct above 2Gb file percentage showing.
  • Differential mode added.
  • Now you can put environment variables into source file masks (for example %Profiles%)
  • Correct handling of a task interruption on startup
  • FTP backup over Proxy support
  • ...

2.7 [20.03.2005]

  • New backup mode (FTP backup) is implemented
  • New task dialog interface
  • Panel "backup mode" (Full backup, Incremental backup) is added.
  • Interface scale feature is added
  • Tip Of The Day dialog is added
  • Full computer name and network path is saved in backup now
  • FTP error with existing folder is fixed
  • "Amount read of uncompressed..." error fixed

2.5 [22.11.2004]

  • FTP copy bug with archive great then 2Gb fixed
  • New dialog for source folders select
  • bug with error when destination file is read only fixed
  • Main window size and position saved after exit.
  • Now files with too long names can be skipped or task can be stopped.
  • now you can write some macroses in the e-mail body to notify after archiving .
  • the copy to FTP option now works in "Just Copy" mode
  • connection to network resources is performed now before external application start.
  • bug with copying archives with size great then 6Gb to additional folders fixed
  • bug with in-use files fixed
  • Option "Save NTFS rights" now works for external archivers

2.4 [07.05.2004]

  • Ability to use file masks in conditions.
  • Saving sort order of tasks on exit.
  • Different behavior for different task when locked file is archiving
  • New built-in archiver core (Zip 64 Compatible and faster), so it can create archive great then 2Gb
  • New option "Save full path on copying" is added
  • NTFS rights copying option is added
  • FTP copying of folders is enabled

Previous versions of APBackup:

  • 2.3 [08.10.2003]
  • 2.2 [23.06.2003]
  • 2.1b [15.04.2003]
  • 2.05 [02.04.2003]
  • 2.0b [8.12.2002]
  • 1.7.3 [03.09.2002]
  • 1.6.2 [08.07.2002]
  • 1.6[01.07.2002]
  • 1.5[14.06.2002]
  • 1.4 [06.06.2002]
  • 1.3 [19.05.2002]
  • 1.2 [17.05.2002]


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