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The new version of Universal Desktop Ruler 3.8 is released.

The new version of APFill 5.9 is available for download.

The new version of Home & Office backup tool - APBackUp 3.9 has been released.

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"I bought a beautiful Olympus 9000 digital camera because it had everything I’d been looking for in a camera for two years. Imagine my dismay when I learned the camera didn’t have an automatic date stamp, or even an option to turn a date stamp on and off (which would have made sense to me). So I was prepared to, sadly, return it, as I keep all my photo albums by date and having them tagged with t..."

Brenda Ainley

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APFill version history

5.9 [28.04.2016]

5.8 [10.01.2014]

5.7 [19.03.2013]

5.6 [29.08.2012]

5.5 [22.12.2010]

  • GhostScript 9.00 support.

5.3 [28.01.2010]

5.2 [11.06.2009]

  • Now you can start many auto mode APFill processes in the same time
  • Support for GhostScript 8.61, 8.62, 8.63, 8.64. (With 8.61 APFill works faster than with new GS versions)
  • Additional colors spot names from PDF,PS file are added to the results chart
  • New auto mode switch (-Histogram) to get results with intensity histogram for each spot
  • Image width and high are added to the results chart

5.1 [31.01.2009]

  • New auto measuring mode
  • Drag and drop support

5.0 [10.11.2008]

  • New Options dialog
  • Raster images measuring mode (Tiff, JPG, BMP)
  • It is faster

4.1 [15.12.2006]

  • APFill supports measuring up to 8 color spots (CMYK + 4 additional colour spots)
  • PS and PDF processing faster

4.0 [18.10.2006]

  • PDF files coverage calculation
  • All CMYK components coverage calculation
  • Average coverage for all pages calculation

3.7 [10.12.2005]

  • PS processing faster
  • GhostSript 8.51 support
  • CMYK separation

3.1 [11.10.2004]

  • Now APFill works with Ghostscript 8.14 (current release of Ghostscript).

3.0 [15.07.2004]

  • Now results are displayed in different colors systems: RGB, CMYK, HSB, LAB, Gray scale.
  • Fully remake measuring module.

1.0 [01.05.2002]

  • first distributed version


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