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The new version of APFill 6.0 is available for download.

The new version of TimeToPhoto 3.0 has been released.

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TimeToPhoto - Add datestamps to your digital photos easily

TimeToPhoto - Add date and time to your digital photos by one mouse click

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Most digital cameras don't add datestamps to digital photos. TimeToPhoto helps you see the date and time when you snapped your photos. TimeToPhoto allows you to add datestamps or memory labels to selected photos with one mouse click. Just select the photos with TimeToPhoto and press RUN to get the date to print on all of your selected photos automatically. TimeToPhoto automatically reads the date of the original picture from a file and places the datestamp and/or any text label to your photo.


Key features:

  • batch photo processing
  • You can add any text label and timestamp to your photos
  • Stamp location, size, color, and font are fully customizable
  • EXIF date and time support.
  • EXIF GPS tags support.
  • All stamped photos are saved to a different folder so original photos are not modified.

How it works

1.Select photos to stamp

2.Select format of date, color, font, label place

timetophoto backup utility screenshots

timetophoto backup utility screenshots

3.Click "START" and select output directory

4.Stamped photos are saved to a different folder
so original photos are not modified

timetophoto backup utility screenshots

timetophoto backup utility screenshots


Our Customers say...

"I just recently purchased a new Canon SD 600 Camera thinking it would print the date on the front of my photos. I am using; a lot, a Sony SDS85 Digital Camera that in fact does imprint the date on the photos. I personally love this feature! At any rate I find almost none of the newer cameras do this any more, so I started looking for some one with soft ware that would accomplish this chore. Well waa-la I found you much to my delight and I downloaded the Trial Version, loved it and decided to purchase same. Thank you very much for being there, I know I will enjoy this software for years to come. "

W.N. Sasser

"I just registered my trial version of TimeToPhoto. I found TimeToPhoto through a Google search for "jpg date time stamp software". In addition to being able to insert a date/time stamp on my jpegs, the batch processing feature is the main reason I selected Time To Photo. I am a Field Insurance Reporter. Each survey I do has multiple photos, which makes Time To Photo ideal for my situation. "

Michael Austin

"I've been going crazy for close to a year already calling Canon asking them to wake up and smell the coffee and get some software that does it. I tried the evaluation version of TIMETOPHOTO, then purchased the full version. Just processed 300 pictures that I've been putting off for months and months!!... Thanks!!!"




timetophoto backup utility screenshots

timetophoto backup utility screenshots

timetophoto backup utility screenshots

more screenshots...


Download last version of TimeToPhoto [24/11/2018, 10.18Mb]


Download from USA based server


Download from EUROPE based server


You may use this trial version during a test period of 30 days. Following this test period of 30 days or less, if you wish to continue to use TimeToPhoto, you MUST register



How to order


License for use


TimeToPhoto FAQ



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