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APBackup online help

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Advanced backup options


On this page you can define advanced backup options:

Actions at detection of files locked by other application

APBackup allows working with locked files in source folders. So you can backup information when users work with documents or applications. For each task you can choose action at detection of file locked by other application. Following options are available:

·      Archive all files. In this case file will be open for reading and copy to archive. If it is locked exclusive by other application it will be skipped.

·      Skip locked files. In this case all locked files will be skipped.

·      Abort task execution. In this case task will be aborted with error state when flocked file is detected.

In addition you can choose «Show the dialog if locked file is found». In this case when APBackup detects locked file, dialog window will be displayed. In this window you can choose one of three actions listed before. If user don›t make a choice window will be closed in 30 seconds and default action will be chosen.

Archive password

You can set password for created archive file

Encryption Strength

Here you can select a cryptographic method to protect ZIP archive.

Username and password for network resources

When source files or folders are on the network (example: "\\Computer1\folder1"), you can specify a username and password for connecting to these resources, if these resources are not available for the currently logged user. If no username and password is specified, then APBackUp will try to connect to these resources using current user account information.

Save list of files into log

If this option is set on APBackup creates detail log file in defined folder with file name: "_[zip name].log". When file is backed up APBackup writes its name, size and the last modification time into this log file. 

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