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APBackup online help

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Backup schedule

On this page you can define backup schedule for the task.

The task will be executed according schedule only if it is ACTIVE. If it is not you can start the task manually only.


You can define "Start time" and time period. Following kinds of schedule are available:

Within days

For example: Every 3rd day from the start date

Within weeks

So you can select days of week to start the task.

Example: Every 3rd week at Monday and Friday.

Within months

So you can select months of year and day of month to start the task

Example: Every 2nd month. Archive at 3rd of January and 3rd of June.


The task will be executed only once

On system startup

The task will be executed X seconds after APBackup starts

On system startup (once per X days)

The task will be executed when APBackup starts but only once per X days.

After executing the task X

The task will be executed after executing the task # X. You can define different final of the task X: "On execution (failed or successful)", "On successful execution", "On failed execution"

On folder content's change

ApBackUp will monitor the source folders and start the task when files or attributes are changed.

Additional options of schedule:

Start Date

Date when the task is executed for the first time.

Execute the task until

Last date when the task is executed


In addition to the main schedule, you can ask APBackUp to repeat task after scheduled execution, with specified time intervals ranging from 1 minute.

"Every" - repeat task every X minutes or hours.

"Time period" - the period during which the task is to be repeated.

Example: Within 1 day,

Start time 1:00,

Repeat Every 30 min,

Time period 2 hours

So the task will be executed at 1:00,1:30,2:00,2:30,3:00 every day.

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