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APBackup online help

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Program options

This dialog enables you to configure generic program options.



On this tab you can disable some confirmation dialogs and define default reaction for archiving shared files.

Archivers parameters


Here you can set some common parameters for archiving process:

·      Archiver temporary folder

·      Default compression ratio

·      Default archiver thread priority

·      Play sound at task start and finish

Log parameters


On this tab you can configure log file parameters:

·      Include in log. Enable messages you want to see in log file.

·      Display colors. You can define different colors for Error, Warning and Information messages in the log window.

·      Number of rows in the log to be displayed. Limits number of rows to be shown in the log window.

·      Max log file size (Kb). When the log file grows up above N KB, it will be renamed into ApBackup.lbk and new log file will be created.

·      Clear log. Press this button, if you want to clear log file.

Generic parameters


On this tab you can set the following parameters:

·      Run program at system startup

·      Shutdown program if there are no active tasks.

·      Shutdown program if there are no active tasks today. This option allows you, for example, to shutdown APBackUp after all today tasks were executed.

·      Show logo at startup.

·      Delete files to Recycled bin. If this option is active, all old archive file will be deleted to Recycled Bin, so you can restore it, if you made a mistake in the task configuration. Normally, you should turn this parameter off once configuration is tested.

·      Hide archive depth if prefix is not entered. This option denies entering Depth if you did not enter Archive prefix. If you enter depth, program will delete all files in Archive folders [prefix]*.zip older than Depth, but if you did not enter prefix all files *.zip will be deleted. This option prevents this situation.

·      Password to access the tasks' list. You can enter password to access the tasks configuration.

·      Show tray icon. If this flag is not set, then application will hide its icon in the tray window. If the tray icon is hidden, simply restart the program to see the task list.

NT/2000/XP/Vista service


On this tab you can configure running program as NT/2000 service 



On this tab you can configure SMTP server parameters for Notifications.



On this tab you can choose interface language. APBackup needs to be restarted to change interface settings.

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