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APBackup online help

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Archive saving


This tab configures parameters of archive saving. The following options are available:

Archive prefix

Archive file (folder) will be named [Archive prefix][Date format].[extension]

Date format

You can ask APBackUp to add a date to the archive file name. For example, if you set Archive prefix "Work-" Date format "YYYYMMDD", then the archive created at 10.12.2003 will be named "Work-20031210.zip".

You can also use "\" in the date format. For example, if the date format was "YYYY\MM\DD\hh-nn", then archive created at 02.01.2003 12:34 would have the full path "20003\01\02\12-34.zip". This way you can sort archives to different folders depending on the creation date.

Following macros in date format are available:

·      c Displays the date using the short format.

·      d Displays the day as a number without a leading zero (1-31).

·      dd Displays the day as a number with a leading zero (01-31).

·      ddd Displays the day as an abbreviation (Sun-Sat)

·      dddd Displays the day as a full name (Sunday-Saturday)

·      m Displays the month as a number without a leading zero (1-12).

·      mm Displays the month as a number with a leading zero (01-12).

·      mmm Displays the month as an abbreviation (Jan-Dec)

·      mmmm Displays the month as a full name (January-December)

·      yy Displays the year as a two-digit number (00-99).

·      yyyy Displays the year as a four-digit number (0000-9999).

·      h Displays the hour without a leading zero (0-23).

·      hh Displays the hour with a leading zero (00-23).

·      n Displays the minute without a leading zero (0-59).

·      nn Displays the minute with a leading zero (00-59).

·      s Displays the second without a leading zero (0-59).

·      ss Displays the second with a leading zero (00-59).

·      %dw Displays day of week as number

·      %dy Displays day of year as number (1-366)

·      %wy Displays week number of a year

Archive folder

A folder where created archive files will be saved


If you set this value to 0, all archive files you ever create will be kept in the archive folder. In another case, only N most recent files will be kept in the archive folder and all older archives will be deleted.

Extra folders

It is possible to save archive files in 3 different folders. For every such folder you can set different Depth, Archive prefix and Date format.


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